BAMP is available as standalone version (version 1.3). The standalone version no longer actively developed.


Installation and usage under Windows

  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Edit the bamp.ini file and you can start the program with a double click on the BAMP-icon.

If you want to use your own ini-files, you have to use a MS-DOS-console:

bamp ini-file

Please be sure, that the file cygwin1.dll is in the same folder as bamp.exe.

We recommend to convert bamp.ini to unix format using [dos2unix] after editing the file with WordPad. Unpack dos2unix to the bamp folder. After editing and saving bamp.ini, drop the bamp.ini file on the dos2unix icon. After this, BAMP should run smoothly on all Windows versions.

Installation and usage under Linux

Extract the bamp.tar file using

tar xf bamp.tar

Edit the bamp.ini file and start the program:



Detailed information on the software, the data and the output can be found in Schmid, Held: Bayesian Age-Period-Cohort Modeling and Prediction - BAMP, Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 21, Issue 8, Oct 2007.

Quick steps

After you have installed BAMP, edit the bamp.ini file or write your own ini-file. Then start the program by typing

bamp ini-file

or (if you use bamp.ini) just type


On window-based OS you can also start BAMP with a double click on the BAMP-icon. BAMP then will use the bamp.ini file


BAMP needs input files with the population data and the number of deaths. Both files have to be matrices of number of age groups x number of periods (or transposed, see dataorder). The data has to be separated by blanks.


If you want to get predictions of future death rates, set predictions to 1. Set number of predictions to the number of periods for which you want the predictions. If you also have population projection, set predictions to 3. In order to test the model you can also make prediction for existing data. Then the input files must include this data, the matrices have to be of order number of agegroups x (number of periods + number of predictions). Set deviance to 2 and BAMP will calculate the deviance for the predicted periods.

Description of bamp.ini

cancer data Path + File of number of deaths
population data Path + File of population number
output folder Path of Folder for output files
temp folder Path of Folder for temporarily files
output file File for general output; 0 = console
dataorder 1 if data for one period is in a row, 0 if in a column
number of agegroups Number of agegroups
number of periods Number of periods
periods per agegroup Number of periods in one agegroup
predictions 0 = no predictions, 1 = predictions, 2 = predictions for existing data (see deviance)
number of predictions Number of periods to be predicted
number of iterations Number of iterations (including burn in)
burn in Number of iterations for burn in (including tuning)
step Thinning parameter for MCMC simulation
tuning Number of iterations done for tuning
samples 1 if you wish to get all samples, 0 else; samples will be written to “temp folder”
deviance 0 = don’t compute deviance, 1 = compute deviance, 2 = compute deviance also for predicted periods (only if predictions = 2)
age block 0 = don’t compute age effect, 1 = use RW 1, 2 = use RW 2
age hyperpar.a / b. hyperparameters for Priors of precision
period block 0 = don’t compute period effect, 1 = use RW 1, 2 = use RW 2
period hyperpar.a / b. hyperparameters for Priors of precision
cohort block 0 = don’t compute cohort effect, 1 = use RW 1, 2 = use RW 2
cohort hyperpar.a and b. hyperparameters for Priors of precision
z hyperpar.a and b. hyperparameters for Priors of precision of overdispersion parameter
quantile 1 to 5 Quantile of output data; -1 no output


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Licence agreement

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